Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#40, Swap and Surprise Package

Hi, everyone! I've returned from an exciting and memorable week with my DD and GS. It was truly a joy to spend time with them - the moments with my grandson I will hold forever in my heart.

Lots to catch up on - RAK #40 arrived safe and sound on Anthea's doorstep.

Porcelain box painted in an antique style, trimmed in 24Kt gold


Tracy of Mad About Bags hosted a strawberry swap. I was paired with Debbie. Look at the strawberry themed goodies she sent to me - THANK YOU, Debbie!!!

Debbie made the card on the left - I love it so much, I"m going to frame it and hang it in my studio.

This is what I sent to Debbie:

The ornament is a freebie from The Snowblower Diaries. I must say, I couldn't believe what a challenge it was finding strawberry-themed things! I mean, doesn't everyone LOVE strawberries?! Apparently not - or maybe they're out of vogue right now. Anyway, it was a pleasure to put together the package for Debbie.

Last, but certainly not least, a sweet friend, Maureen, sent me a surprise package that arrived while I was out East. Forgive the photo - we've been having lots of rain and cloudy days, so getting a good snap has proven to be a challenge. However, look what she sent me:

Maureen makes the leather things herself! A lovely bookmark, a keychain (which I sorely needed), a leather bracelet (yes, I've already worn it and had to take it off so it could be in the picture), floss, an ornament and some delightful doilies. THANK YOU, MAUREEN! I will enjoy it all.

Now off to run errands and then home to pack up more RAKs to send tomorrow. Have a great rest of the week, my friends! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

37, 38, 39 and Nanny Daycare

Wow, Ladies - I don't know where the time is going. I have been delinquent keeping up with everyone's blog....and delinquent in posting the new arrivals. Just a warning - it's only going to get worse because I get to be Nanny Daycare for my little 22 month old grandson next week! YIPPEE!!

More RAKs have been delivered:

Here's #37 given to Carol of Stitching Dreams

24 Kt gold Limoges box with semi-precious cabochons

Inside of box

A few extras...

RAK #38 went to Pretti of Creat - E - witty Unleashed

Porcelain trinket box painted in 18th Century style

Embellished with 24 Kt gold

Inside of box

Extra goodies for stash.....

RAK #39 was delivered to Frances from A Symphony of Stitches:

"Treble Cat" by Passioncreative.com - a freebie.....I just looked for the link and it appears to have disappeared...

Extras for Frances' stash

Now - off to get ready for my trip!!!! Captain Adorable - HERE I COME!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And Here I Thought I Was SOOOOOOO Organized....

OK - all these RAKs have proven to be challenging on many different levels. Don't get me wrong - I'm absolutely loving doing this and sharing with all my friends all over the world. Trying to keep everything organized - well - I < THOUGHT > I was so very organized:

I have one WORD document containing all the addresses of friends I'll be sending to. I have a second WORD document that has, in numerical order, the addresses of who I sent things to and what I sent to them. As I send things, I erase their names off the first document and place them on the second. Easy peasy, right? Not so much, as I found yesterday....

I received the nicest note from our sweet Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. She was over the moon because she received a surprise package from me.

Pencil tray in 24Kt gold, 18th Century European Design

Some extra goodies.....

Turns out, I had sent Jo an RAK already - #18, to be exact. Well, guess the SURPRISE was on me. HA! Since it's my party, I'm making the rules.....I'm still counting Jo's (second) RAK as one of the 60....so #36 goes to.....Jo - ENJOY!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Gifts Received, 34, 35

Happy Monday! I really loved our mailman last week, as I received some surprise packages in the mail.

First, from my sweet friend, Montse (no blog).....all the way from Spain:

A beautiful fan from her mother's collection - isn't it stunning? - a tiny bottle with sand from Barceloneta Beach, a Santa clip and a lovely wooden heart button. THANK YOU, MONTSE! I love it all.

An envelope came from Canada - Mary Anne has been making these crazy quilt post cards and posting on her blog these past weeks. I've been drooling over each and every one. Look what she sent to me:

Isn't it gorgeous?? THANK YOU, MARY ANNE! I will treasure it always.

......and then a package from Singapore. Angela, my talented, gracious friend I was lucky enough to meet in person when visiting Singapore earlier this year, sent me these:

As you may or may not know, Angela owns a stitching shop in Singapore (click here to pop over and visit). She had the opportunity to visit the DMC offices in Japan. Knowing how much I love biscornus, she picked up this biscornu pattern and also sent a commemorative DMC brooch.

Angela thoughtfully gifted me this Lizzie Kate chart, which I've loved and wanted to stitch. THANK YOU, ANGELA! You are so thoughtful and kind. I'm lucky to call you my friend.

Oh dear - I guess this has turned into a long post.....

RAK #34 was received by Tiffany.

Mallard Limoges box (our farm is on the migration route of ducks and geese. This little box reminds me of when I hear them quack and honk as they fly overhead).

A few extras...

"True Friends" pattern from Waxing Moon Designs

RAK #35 was received by Heather:

Frog French Limoges box - 24Kt gold and semi-precious cabochons 

Inside of box - Lilly Pad

A few extras.....

One more RAK has been delivered....but not yet opened.....hopefully I can share tomorrow. Have a great Monday!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Surprise, Six, and Another.....Doll

Imagine my surprise to receive a package all the way from SPAIN! My friend, Pilar, sent me a birthday package.

Isn't this AWESOME?? A beautiful Spanish fan with a leather case, some lip gloss and some lovely RED roses potpourri. (Pilar - how did you know red roses are my favorite??)

I'm intrigued by the painting on the fan - isn't it beautiful? - THANK YOU so very much, Pilar! I appreciate your kindness more than you know.

Here's a "Whoot-Whoot"!! Six more RAKs are finding their way to the post office this morning...bringing the grand total to 39! So.....be peeking your mailboxes..... <G>

Last, but not least - meet Fazei - she's one of Dana Burton's "Romantic Royals". I absolutely LOVE her!!

Fazei -  Six inches tall from feet to tip of her crown

OK - off to the post office!!!