Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Xmas in July Link Party

For those elves who have blogs and wish to share the gifts they received from their Swap Elf, pop on over here and add your link to the party so everyone can see what you received.

Here is what I sent to Montse (no blog):

And to Judith (no blog):

Looking forward to seeing what the other elves have in store!

Birthday Wishes from a Friend Far Away

I would be remiss if I didn't post about a surprise I received in the mail from my dear friend June.

Lovely wrapped gifts

Beautiful card

Notepad and matching pen

Sweet tin.....

 ....full of treats

A Tudor thimble - Jane Seymour

"Tudor Lady" cross stitch pattern by Sue Page

Another lovely pattern

A wee-small basket full of material

June - thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know me well - all things I love. You are a special friend.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Xmas in July Swap, Birthday Bash

Oh my, oh my - where does the time GO?? I'm so far behind reading my friends' blogs....I feel like I've been shoved into a time warp....

First things first - the OPENING DAY for the Christmas in July Swap. I've already heard from two elves who opened their packages....more to come, I'm sure. I'll set up a link party in the next few days so everyone can see the parcels sent.

Now - to my birthday day.

Me at about 2 years old

In one word it was...............................

When I walked into the kitchen that morning to make my coffee, there was a package from DH - with a beautiful necklace inside. My BFF came to the house to pick me up for our outing and gave me a gorgeous crystal vase. Then....well, the child in me was lurking.

My BFF had asked what I wanted to do on my special day. I told her I wanted to see "The Secret Life of Pets". Yep - a kids' movie. Am I on the wayward road to wishing I was young again? NOPE. Love right where I'm at, right at this minute. The movie, I must say, was amazingly hysterical! And highly recommended if you want some levity in your life.

When we got to the theater, we were surrounded by children - I mean.....over a hundred little kids from ages 2 to 7 or 8. I looked at BFF and said, "Maybe this was't such a good idea." Well, the children were SO well behaved - no discipline problems AT ALL. Towards the end of the movie one of the characters (who was a real human-hater throughout the film) was snapped up by a little girl and smothered in hugs.....she promised to love him "FOREVER". A little voice from the other side of the theater proclaimed - quite loudly - "That's a good idea!" And after the movie was over, another little voice - this time from the back of the theater said, "That was AWESOME!" And I'd have to agree.

Then, I was treated to lunch....and chauffeured home.

My uncle, who I haven't seen in probably 50 years, his wife (from Florida) and my cousin and his wife (from Arizona) were in the area for their 60th and 35th high school reunions. They came to the house for a visit.

Cousin J, Me, Uncle N

My dear uncle brought me a birthday cake.

I can't remember the last time I had a birthday cake! After their visit, DH and I shared a pizza and some champagne. It was a GREAT day!!! I couldn't have asked for any better.

OK - now - to my studio -

Monday, July 25, 2016

Vintage Embroidery Monday and Stitchery Link Party

Good morning!
Life is going 'way too fast these days. Getting ready to bolt out of the house.....I still want to share so many things.....but will make this quick -

I'm joining Super Mom - No Cape's Vintage Embroidery Monday and Stitchery Link Party today. I have two finished finishes to share -

"French Country ABCs" Sampler from JBW Designs

"Dog House" Sampler by Little House Needleworks

Until tomorrow.....Cheers!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lots to Catch up On....First.....

It's been a wild week, so no posts since last Saturday. Seminar and guests last weekend, Monday - volunteer work; Tuesday - birthday stuff; Wednesday - appointments; Thursday - errands; Friday - housework....

So - let's catch up - first - the seminar - OH MAN! Was it FUN! In my previous post, I showed you the studio and dining room, all ready for the ladies. Dana was a fabulous teacher - full of talent, inspiration and fun.

I had made each of the ladies a box full of goodies (which I forgot to take pictures of) - each received a pair of sweet scissors and matching scissor fob, some hand lotion, a note pad for their purse, a 1:12 scale little 'something' and a tissue holder I made to carry their tissues in their purses. Dana also received a box of goodies with the same gifts.

I painted Dana a Limoges box in peacock blue:

Top of box - 18th Century Stylized Tulip with 24Kt gold etched border

 Front of box

 Back of box

 Inside of box

DH made Dana's logo, complete with scrolled stand:

I was so busy with everything, I didn't snap any pictures.....but here is the group, all happy with their creations:

We're hoping Dana will be able to come back for another seminar sometime. If anyone has the urge to learn to dress and wig a doll and you have the opportunity to take a class from Dana, I think I can easily speak for all who attended it would be the experience of a lifetime.  She'll leave you inspired and eager to create your next one.

I'll share my Big Birthday Day with you in a future post. Have a great rest of the weekend, my friends!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Three Hours.....and Counting!!

In just three hours I will be honored to host a doll making seminar with Dana Burton as our guest instructor. She and her DH arrived early last evening and we talked and laughed and talked and laughed.....well, you get the idea - they are delightful guests.

Yep - this is the day I've been so looking forward to - a day with a house full of good friends, creative vibes and lots of FUN!

The Studio ready and waiting for action <G>

The dining room - ready for lunch and lots of chatter 

Now - off to grab some breakfast - then LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Vintage Embroidery Monday and Stitchery Link Party

Greetings! It's been awhile since I joined Super Mom - No Cape! and her link party. Today I wanted to share a finish, as well:

"Be Ye Gentle as a Lamb"

This is the pattern that I don't know the designer. I had the perfect frame for this little thing already in my stash.  My dear mother bequeathed her Lladro collection to me and I found this sweet little girl hugging her lamb. This little vignette now sits lovingly on the table under our window in the family room where I can see it every day reminding me of the gentlest woman I've ever known.

Pop on over to Super Mom - No Cape's link party and see what others are sharing.

Thank you for stopping by - have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Friday Frolics, 32, 33

I happily joined the other ladies who frolic on Fridays, courtesy of Kaye's group blog, Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics. I'm working on my Christmas ornament for one of the other group blogs also hosted by Kaye, Christmas Ornie SAL.

"Country Christmas" by Little House Needleworks. It was part of their Ornament of the Month Series in 2012 - No. 9.

I'm happy to report RAK #32 safely arrived at Joyce's house.

Staffordshire bone china box - petit point designed and stitched by me 

Inside of box - 24 kt gold

Outside of box

A few extras

The last one also arrived at Jenny's house.

Porcelain box painted by me, trimmed in 24 kt gold
(note: the "J" is a decal)

Inside of box

Scissor fob made by me, scissors, pin keep and a needle keeper

I'll begin sending out the last 27 RAKs  (can you believe it?!?!? Only 27 to go!!)...after this month is over. Lots going on.....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth, Fazei, Raven Rose, Summer JPC Challenge

I love my country and am proud to be an American. Happy Birthday to you, USA!

Please be sure to click on my "Free Patterns" page to download my "July Bella Dog" pattern. Truthfully, this is pretty much how our Giant Schnauzer, Bella, looks when she hears the firecrackers. 

I've been working on two more 1:12 scale dolls - here's Fazei, ready to be wigged:

I couldn't resist giving her shoes some bling.....

Here's Raven arms, no hair, still needing embellishments on her dress - she's far from being complete:

Lastly, pop on over to Jura Cross Stitch if you'd like to take part in the Summer JPC Challenge. It looks so interesting....

Now - back to my studio!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wonky, Two, Doughnut, FNWF, Surprise

Greetings! I joined my friends for Friday Night with Friends hosted by the lovely Cheryl. I stitched together the ABC SAL blocks. I - a-HEM - had higher hopes it would turn out better...I could NOT get the blocks sewn straight....of course, it was my sewing machine's fault - she was being snitty.......and resisted any attempts on my part to call a truce, even though I was waving a white flag - MADLY waving, I might add. After ripping the blasted thing out three (yes, count 'em - THREE) times, I gave up. It is what it is. It's going to be a table topper in my studio and will be covered with stuff, there ya go.

I've come to the conclusion quilting and sewing isn't really up my alley. I probably should stick to hand embroidery and painting. Here's Task #7 from my Traditional Quilting Class hosted by Kathy Shaw. It's a Churn Dash Block. After reviewing my block, Kathy thought it should be renamed "Doughnut".  I guess it does kind of remind me of one....<g>

Two RAKs arrived at their destinations. Here is what was given to Grace.

Limoges Needle box painted by me with 18th Century design - Blue Bluets, band in 24Kt gold,  and a Swarovski crystal scissor fob

Inside of needle box


Catherine of I Love to Stitch received these:

Porcelain trinket box painted by me and trimmed in 24Kt gold

"Hearts for You" by Shepherd's Bush Designs and a Victorian thumb pin cushion

Lastly, the postman delivered the sweetest package all the way from Spain!  My blogging friend, Oskar, stitched this pretty bag for me - 

Isn't it lovely?? I was floored.....He also sent some little charms, floss and fabric - 

THANK YOU, OSKAR! I adore it all.