Friday, March 29, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail.....

Do you remember that song?  OK - now I've done a baaadddd thing - the song is going to play over and over and over and your mind and drive you crazy, isn't it?  I can't help it.  I feel great - the sun is shining, there are dozens of robins showing up around our farm.  When I see robins, I know spring has finally arrived.

I've got the fever.  Started Spring Cleaning yesterday,  much to my husband's dismay.  He loves the clean house, windows and all - it's just he's going to have to search for things I've moved - HA!

My Stash of Things UnFinished-Finished (STUFF) are piling up in my studio. In other words, I have about four dozen pieces of cross stitch completed and waiting to be made in to something.  Putting on the final touches on my STUFF is a good excuse to take a break from cleaning.  Hubby will approve ;)

I am so excited - I joined the local EGA Chapter this past month!  The Mississippi River Valley Chapter meets the second Tuesday of the month.  What great, talented ladies.  Looking forward to many meetings, chatting and sharing.

The grand baby arrives on our doorstep this afternoon.  Can hardly wait to see him in person.  Of course, he will be the cutest baby boy ever seen - and smart already even though he's not-quite-a month old.

Speaking of babies, I found this project designed by Pam Kellogg on the Kreinik website ( and will be making it into a hanging pillow for his room.  It's the first STUFF project I'll be working on this coming week.

Have a lovely Easter.  More next later - Cheers!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Grandchild!

Oh, the anticipation.  For months, preparations were in process, tests had been done to confirm her arrival, a name was painstakingly selected. All was ready to welcome her into the world.  Finally - the Big Day - March 6th brought us our first grandchild.

SURPRISE!  It was a boy;)

My stepson and his lovely wife are proud parents of a perfect baby named Cole.

With the news, I was madly off to stitch something for him - here's his bib.  I hope he wears it often.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sally, Biscornu and Leprechaun Lodge

A week ago yesterday, our 13 year old miniature Schnauzer, Sally Bear, had a stroke.  It's been a bit of a rough week without her.  Our oldest miniature Schnauzer, Missy, was her best friend.  Sally was our Miss Congeniality - she loved everyone.  She followed me everywhere and was first to snuggle in my lap or lay beside me.  Sally's tail never stopped wagging, even when you'd scold her - she was so glad you were talking to her ;).  Whenever I'd come home, there she'd be - on the couch - woo-wooing,waiting to give me ear nibbles to tell me she missed me and welcome me back.

Sally is now waiting for us at Rainbow's Bridge. 

I ran across this beautiful biscornu pattern from Sharon Manspeaker - Roberta's Pups Biscornu (  It reminded me of sweet Sally.  I worked on stitching it together this past week.  It's my first biscornu and I look forward to doing more.  Sally - Here's to you, Baby Girl.

Here is a freebie I stitched from Blue Ribbon Designs ( called Leprechaun Lodge.  Isn't it adorable?  I can't quite decide how to complete it - pillow? ornament? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Introducing Bella Dog Cross Stitch Designs

We have a gorgeous 85 pound Giant Schnauzer named Bella.

Bella's a little over two years old and still so full of puppy, it's unbelievable.  When she gets tired or does her happy dance, her right ear bends and looks like it's broken.  We affectionately refer to her as "Moose Puppy" because, compared to our 5 pound teacup schnauzer, she is a MOOSE - HA!

Bella's expressive personality has inspired me to start my own Bella Dog Cross Stitch Designs.  Something simple and sweet to reflect her sense of humor and boundless energy.

When I designed and then stitched Easter Bella, I kept laughing every time I'd look at her.  I hope she has the same affect on you.  So, without further adieu, let me introduce (drum roll, please ;) EASTER BELLA DOG!

Click here to download the free chart

NOTES:  Backstitch rabbit ears and bow with 1 strand  DMC 894
                Backstitch mouth with 1 strand B5200
                Sample is stitched on 14 count Aida

Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Irish Blessing - Freebie

Always having had a soft spot in my heart for Ireland (I'm a quarter Irish), I've been fascinated with Irish music and Irish lore.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here's the March freebie.

 Click here to download the free design

Notes for the pattern: DMC 500 - backstitch all vines w/one strand
                                   DMC 503 - satin stitch shamrocks on either side of hearts using 2 strands (you        
                                                       may cross stitch these, if you like)
                                  DMC 931 - backstitch verse using 2 strands

Are you as drawn to Little House Needleworks ( as I am?  Here is "Hope", from their Inspirational Scripture Series.

There are at least 10 more in my stash waiting for me to stitch up.  OH BOY!!