Friday, October 21, 2016

Surprise, RAK #47, More of Eve, On the Road Again

I received the loveliest surprised the mail from Rosey of Ishkabibble blog. A sweet crocheted bookmark in my very favorite color - BLUE! Thank you so very much, Rosey. What a nice surprise to receive in the mail!!

RAK #47 was given to a dear friend, Evelyn. She and her husband were such good friends of my mother and step-father.....and were there for me through all the struggles with their illnesses. They have remained close friends.  Evelyn has admired my little ladies - so gave Consuelo to her yesterday - her very favorite.

In my last post, I shared my sculpting adventure in Utah with Jack Johnston and Apryl Jensen. Last post I showed you the steps to sculpt the head for it's first baking. Since then, I named the lady "Eve" since she's my first sculpted doll and Eve was the first woman. I thought it appropriate and fitting.

Eve after baking - head measures approximately 3 inches

Sculpting the ears - Side view

Front view after sculpting the ears

Sculpted Shoes with buckles and bows (They will be painted after I decide on her costume)

Little ribbons added to the bows

Sculpting the hands

Top view of sculpted hands

I still have to decide on Eve's dress/costume and hair style. I'll post as soon as she's complete, though it will be a few weeks because....

I'm "On the Road Again"..... driving to Pennsylvania to help DD with DGS while SIL is traveling. YIPPEE! More hugs and squeals from DGS. He's such a cutie!! DH will stay home and do what needs to be done to prepare the farm for winter weather.

Until I return, have a wonderful week full of love, laughter and lots of stitching.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Lost Is Found Times Two

I know some of you have been wondering where the heck I've been. Well, I've been traveling and busy, busy, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Yesterday I received the nicest note from sweet Barbara from The Flashing Scissors blog. She and I had both thought her RAK package had been lost....but - YIPPEE!! It arrived on her doorstep yesterday. Forgive the pictures - it was a cloudy day when I took them....

A tiny framed monogram and a pin keep

Some fabric, floss and a pattern from Ewe & Eye & Friends

So....where have I been?? Salt Lake City - at a seminar ......learning to sculpt dolls from polymer clay. I was VERY nervous, as I had been attempting to sculpt on my own and had no clue whatsoever how to go about it. I've never worked with polymer clay much - except for a tiny witches hat or a wee little pumpkin. I must say, after my experience with my instructors, I really think I can do this!

I was fortunate to spend THREE FULL DAYS with Jack Johnston in his home studio - AND with Apryl Jensen. Both Jack and Apryl made me feel comfortable and have inspired me to come home and try my hand at more dolls. I took quite a few pictures, so will have a few posts of my adventure so as not to overwhelm you.

Step One: Make a head armature out of aluminum foil

Step 2: Cover the back of the head with clay and lay in the eyes

Step 3: Lay in the nose, forehead and chin

Front view of Step 3

Face ready for baking

More about my Big Adventure in a future post.....and I really need to catch up with all my blogging friends - I'm so behind! ......until then - have a great week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

44, 45, Surprise!

RAK #44 arrived on sweet Kaye's doorstep. She and I are both insanely into the Tudor era. So, with that in mind, here's Kaye's RAK:

A 5.75 inch doll - "Ayn" -  I made ( one of Dana Burton's designs I dressed and wigged)

A quilt panel from "The Tudor Collection" - "Lady Animals Panel"

Tudor Rose cross stitch kit and a porcelain thimble - "Anne Boleyn"

Tudor Rose post card

A better look at the quilt panel (picture from Kaye's blog)

RAK# 45 arrived just today.  The lovely Jo of ButterZ blog received these gifts:

I love fairies and cupids - this was a freebie (I can't find the link) - and LOVED stitching it up for Jo.

....extra goodies

And - SURPRISE! The lovely and generous Preeti send me this surprise package:

A stitched card, a crystal chain I can use with my itty bitty dolls, a lovely packet of buttons, material and - the creme de la creme - an absolutely GOR-GE-OUS zippered bag. Preeti knows how much I love miniatures and the picture on the bag is a larger representation of Indian princesses from historical miniature paintings. The style started in the 10th - 12the centuries. THANK YOU, PREETI! Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you know.

Monday, September 19, 2016

#43, Mathe and September Christmas Ornament SAL

I received a note from Dima of D1-D2 blog her RAK arrived. I did the stitching on the bracelet, but had it professional finished. Apologies for the blurry picture of her needlepoint bracelet:

Needlepoint Cuff Bracelet - 18 Ct mesh, silk and metallic threads


Meet Mathe, the last of the "Romantic Royals" from Dana Burton:


The throne design...well... I must admit - it took longer to make than Mathe did. It's from several pieces of 1:12 scale furniture glued together and some jewelry findings for the back of the throne - literally wired it on, then spray painted it metallic gold. The skirt for the throne was a real challenge - had to find the right material, then the right lace to go around it. Now - for the back - had to find the right fabric and piping.....WHEW! Major undertaking, let me tell you. There was a LOT of trial and error on this prop. However, Mathe has her throne. Life is good.

Now - to the Christmas Ornament SAL hosted by our lovely Kaye. The theme for September was "Christmas Food". Here's Hattie Hedgehog with her teapot, cup and saucer:

Hattie Hedgehog - freebie from Brookes Books

Hattie is part of the Advent Animals series. Originally, she was number five, but I changed the "5" to the year, as Hattie will be going to a special little girl for Christmas this year.

OK! Now - on to my next doll and October's ornament!! Have a great week!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's That Time - Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop!

Today Jo (Serendipitous Stitching) is celebrating her Golden Birthday and is hosting a Birthday Blog Hop to celebrate her special day. Bloggers from around the world were given different dates and years to share - learn a bit more about Jo and also learn about what was going on in their lives that particular year.

Here's what happened to Jo in 2007:

2007 - Jo was 41.  07/07/07 is a date that reads the same in the USA as it does in the rest of the world.  It was also the day Jo got married and became Mrs P.  The wedding was traditional with many friends and family providing the services; the vicar, the limousine chauffeur and the photographer were all good friends.  The evening reception took place in their music venue which the bar staff had decorated for the event.  A wonderful day and a date not easily forgotten!

So, what about my life in 2007? I really had to dig to remember what was going on.  For one thing - I'm OLD - some would say "older than dirt" my memory is like that Old Grey Mare  - it  "...ain't what it used to be".....what I DID remember was the year before (2006) I turned 50 and my sweet mother sent me to England on a trip of a life time....a tour featuring needlework. It was GRAND!

In 2008 - yes, I's the year AFTER 2007(I may be older than dirt, but simple math is still amazingly easy for me <G>).....I retired from IBM after 30 years.....again - it was GRAND!

Soooooo......what about 2007? Well, the only memory I could conjure up.....I was really, really getting into painting miniature portraits and attended a seminar by Jane Marcks in Phoenix, AZ. I learned SO much - here's what we painted:

Miniature Portrait on Porcelain - 4x3.25 inches - Painting area for Portrait 3.25x2.5 inches
Embellished with 24Kt Gold, Raised Paste and Enamel

Since Jo likes Halloween themed things, here's something I stitched I just love - and hope she does, too.

Hope your special day is truly GRAND, Jo!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#42 - Tisa Goes to a New Home

A very dear friend of mine, Kathy L., was in the area yesterday teaching a painting class. She had fallen in love with I delivered Tisa to Kathy yesterday.

Kathy L and her students 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#41 Has Landed, Meet Evangeline and Mathe, Teacup Exchange

Greetings! I'm thrilled RAK #41 arrived safe and sound on Maureen's doorstep.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet 

Extra goodies (following a  black and white theme)

Visit Maureen at I Like Making Things.

I just completed Evangeline, one of Dana Burton's 1:12 scale doll kits I'm enamored with. She was to have been a sad fairy.....but she came unglued and toppled off the top of the polymer clay mushroom, so I had to go to Plan B. Plan B? Hmmmmmm......a dilemma. She obviously wasn't meant to be my sad fairy. Sifting through a tub of material, I found the most beautiful peach silk - and here she is!

Evangeline - 3.75 inches from the tip of her Victorian Boots to the top of her head
The buttons on her boots are gold microbeads

The wee-little Teddy Bear is hand felted (not by me), 1/2 inch tall and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity 

And now there's Mathe - part of Dana's "Romantic Royals" collection. I made the throne myself. That actually took longer than putting Mathe together. Hair and other embellishments yet to come.

Mathe - One of Dana Burton's "Romantic Royals"

Stephanie who blogs over at The Enchanting Rose is hosting a teacup exchange. Please note: a blog is not necessary to participate. Pop on over and read about it - sign up if you're interested. I did - of course, I'm a sucker for anything related to tea. Entries close on September 21st.