Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Grandchild!

Oh, the anticipation.  For months, preparations were in process, tests had been done to confirm her arrival, a name was painstakingly selected. All was ready to welcome her into the world.  Finally - the Big Day - March 6th brought us our first grandchild.

SURPRISE!  It was a boy;)

My stepson and his lovely wife are proud parents of a perfect baby named Cole.

With the news, I was madly off to stitch something for him - here's his bib.  I hope he wears it often.


  1. Oh how wonderful. Glad for you. What a precious bib!!

  2. What an adorable bib! You will have so much fun stitching for the new grandbaby now! Congratulations!!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Congratulations on your first Grandchild, you must be thrilled to bits!

    Love the bib!

    Lynn B