Sunday, June 9, 2013

Freebie - Magnificent Paris

My post about the history of Limoges boxes has me reminiscing about the trip to Paris my wonderful mother, daughter and I took several years ago.  The three of us had so much fun sharing new experiences and time together.  SIGH.  I'd go back in a heart beat.

My daughter speaks fluent French, so she helped us maneuver our way through Paris, the Louvre, restaurants, Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.  It was such an enjoyable trip - so many memories!
They inspired me to create "Magnificent Paris".

Enjoy!  Click on the following link for the free pattern: Magnificent Paris

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  1. Thank you for the link to the freebie, Kim! I also went on a trip to France with my daughter. She knows some French but is not fluent, but would love to be!

  2. Oh, I love it!! Great job, and thanks for the link.

  3. Thank you so much for this, I have just printed it off and added it to my 'must do soon' pile.