Monday, July 8, 2013

Shining Needle Society, A Spotted Hare Needle Purse

I don't know how I found The Shining Needle Society (SNS), but it is a true treasure.  It's a Yahoo group that offers on line workshops.   If you're not familiar with it, it's easy to sign up and it's FREE.  The only emails you receive are announcements about classes. Through SNS, you get access to many, many fabulous teachers - and you only pay a fee if you sign up for a class. If you are interested in SNS and/or would like to sign up, you can contact Kate Gaunt (leader) at

Part of my problem (and there are many, depending on who you ask - HA!) I have with SNS is I want to take ALL the classes.....but, of course, reason must rule, so I need to be selective.  The first class I jumped at taking is Sherri Jones' "A Spotted Hare Needle Purse".  Take a peek at Sherri's blog here.  I received my goodies and now have some time to sit and start.  I will post progress.  I only hope I can do the design justice.

Happy stitching - Cheers!


  1. Oh lucky you! I really wanted to sign up for this, but I need to be good. Sigh. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I found this Yahoo group some time ago at the urging of a stitcher in our EGA chapter. Thanks, Beth. It is amazing what beautiful things we can find to work on right from own home. I like Margaret your fellow poster have so much to stitch but sometimes it is nice to give in when an exceptional piece comes along. I too look forward to progress reports.

  3. The Spotted Hare Needle Purse looks so fancy! I'd love to see you stitch it!