Friday, August 9, 2013

Different Finishing Technique

I've been having so much fun trying to figure how to finish another cuff bracelet.  This one is also designed by Orna Willis and is called "The Flower Cuff".

Once again, it was fast, challenging and fun!  I learned some new stitches/stitch designs.  The flower was a blast and I'd never stitched the Jessica before.

I was ready to finish it and remembered I'd ordered some 2 inch aluminum cuffs from Art Beads over a year ago.  They had been sitting in my stash of supplies....hmmmmmm......could I make this work?

Using my sewing machine, I sewed the canvas to a piece of ultra suede, then attempted to glue the piece to the aluminum cuff.  It would NOT stick and I was more than a little upset I had probably ruined the needlework.  Then I remembered I had some E-6000 glue.  Presto-change-O!  It worked like a charm. Using Aleene's Tacky Glue,  I glued another piece of suede on the underside of the cuff to give it a neater finish.

Underside of the Flower Cuff

Trimming the suede was interesting.  I quickly learned regular sewing scissors wouldn't do the precise job I wanted.  I purchased a pair of Singer "DetailPro" scissors and they are AMAZING.  I could get close, make small adjustments when trimming, and the result was superb.

The last step was beading the picot edging.

Now - off to start another one.

Happy stitching - Cheers!