Monday, December 16, 2013

Make an Easy-Peasy Dog Bed - Brilliant!

Our Giant Schnauzer, Bella, is hard on dog beds.  I don't know how many we have gone through in her three years.  If the sticker shock of buying one of the huge beds doesn't make you weak in the knees, carrying one around the house will do the trick in no time flat - they can be heavy.

SIGH.  Bella needed another dog bed and I wasn't looking forward to making the trip to get her one.  What we really needed for her was a dog bed that was (1) washable, (2) sturdy and (3) easily portable.

While putting on my makeup yesterday morning, a thought hit me - why not MAKE her one?  I had plenty of fabric, even a (GASP!) zipper that would work.  I shuddered at the thought of wrestling with one of THOSE.

Enter the brilliant idea:  make the bed with a drawstring - no fussing with a zipper, the insides could be stuffed with old blankets and towels satisfying the "washable" part of the criteria.

Drum roll, please - TA-DA!!  Bella on her new bed.  It took less than an hour to sew up.  She loves it…..and I think Hubby was even amazed.



  1. Yay for you Kim! Yay for Bella. I sew up the dog beds too. Soooo much cheaper. I think Henry at 4 pounds, might have a slightly smaller one than Bella. ;)

  2. Great idea! And it looks like a big hit. :D

  3. Such a cute picture! Looks like only the front half of Bella is on her new bed. I have two Bellas, a maltese mix and a tortoise shell cat. Both were rescues and already named.

  4. She looks very comfortable and it looks great. I know the big beds are expensive. We are getting a new Golden Retreiver mid-January. I may need to make one for her crate while we go through the training phase. Great idea!