Sunday, February 9, 2014

To Cord or not to Cord……that's the Question…...

I stumbled across the very same fabric in my stash that was used on the doves "Love" pillow from The Silver Needle I showed you in my February 6th post. I had already stitched up the adorable cupid in 32 count linen and couldn't decide how to finish it.  Well, when I discovered the 'love' fabric,  I immediately decided it would look well together and sewed it up:
It measures 3 1/2x9 inches.

I can't decide if I should put cording around it and keep it as a small decorative pillow? Should I put cording around it and tie a bow in the cording on top?  Should I put cording around it and make it into a hanging pillow?  Should I leave it alone?

I can't decide.



  1. I have no imagination at all. So in other words, I'll be no help. lol! Looks great to me though as is!

  2. very pretty :) hmmm if it was me I would use some organza ribbon and make a bow for the top and pop a wee decorative pin through it :) love mouse xxxx

  3. It looks lovely already but Mouse's suggestion is a really good idea!

  4. I'm afraid I'm not much help along these lines either : ( However, I like the way you paired the design with that love fabric! Perfect!

  5. I'd cord around the outside, red, twisted silk cord would be good. That would bring the whole thing together. Alternatively, a gold, silk cord would be good too.

  6. Hum, I answered here but I can't see the comment...anywho....Mouse's and JM's ideas are great and it'll look good either way!!

  7. I think a ribbon or cord would be a nice touch, but I also like it as is. I'm really helpful, aren't I!

  8. A little something, yes...just not sure what. The others have offered some great ideas!

  9. Wow beautiful pillow. It's unlimited!!! Yes you could:
    add a cording or
    how about some pretty lace trim or ribbon - laid over on the front pillow where the printed love fabric and linen meets. Too many options you can do but your pillow is very beautiful even as is.
    love Annette
    maybe no cording