Friday, July 3, 2015

Singpore Visit and OPAMs for June

My DD, DSIL and darling GS stopped by Angela's shop in Singapore. If you haven't read about Angela and her shop, "Wish I Were Stitching", click here.

Needless to say, she was surprised to meet Sarah, Efrem and Ronin. Here are pictures of their visit:

DD and GS Shopping for Yarn

SIL and My "Captain Adorable" 

Angela and DD

I know Sarah was very impressed with Angela's shop, though she doesn't knit or stitch….yet ;0)

OPAMs for June

  • Three Christmas ornaments (Christmas in July Swap)
  • Stitched Envelope (exchange)
  • Catherine Parr Pillow
  • DGS's Christmas Stocking
  • 1:12 Scale Foot Stool
  • 1:12 Scale Needlepoint Stand
  • Cross Stitch Heart - framed
  • Cross Stitch Rose Hips and Tea - framed
  • 1:12 Scale BerlinWork Foot Stool

July, here I come!!!


  1. You have a lovely family Kim, looks like a great shop.

  2. Oh how fun! That was such a sweet thing for your kids to do. ;)

  3. I think my credit card is glad that I can't visit that looks fantastic! What a beautiful family you have.....and a very aptly named Captain Adorable! :)

  4. I'll have to check out that shop and in Singapore Kim! Wow lots of OPAM's this month!

  5. Lovely photos, Kim. You had some great finishes for June.

  6. Lovely photos of your family, Kim and Angela's shop looks gorgeous. Love your long to do list - you are going to be busy!

  7. Lovely shop and gorgeous photos of Angela with tour family. Your daughter looks just like you!

  8. What a great chance to meet Angela and visit her shop. It looks lovely.

    Re CaptainAdorable, do you have Justin Fletcher AKA Mr Tumble in the U.S.? The reason I ask is that he plays a character called Captain Adorable in his children's show Gigglebiz.