Monday, October 12, 2015

Link Party, Old Friends, New Inspiration

If it's Monday, it must be Super Mom - No Cape's Vintage Embroidery Monday and Stitchery Link Party.

Remember my sweet step-grandson's stocking and how I ran out of threads for the background? They arrived late last week - YEA! Needless to say, I've been working on it -

 Here's the previous progress:

Here's my next doll, Bird's Nest Marie (you'll find out why the name in a future post). Almost done dressing her -

If you're interested in creating these wonderful dolls, don't hesitate to visit Dana Burton's website. Pour yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and explore her website and creations. It's addicting!

I wanted to drape a shawl around her and have been experimenting with a couple of different patterns and threads/yarn. This one is on size 1 needles and is knitted with a very fine sparkling yarn. Wish I knew what it was, but a mischievous puppy took off with the yarn and managed to destroy the label.

This shawl is knitted on size 0 needles using DMC size 8 Pearl Cotton (work in progress):

Once I get them both finished, I'll see which one drapes the best for Marie.

Now for old friends. The Illinois WOCP State Convention was this past week. I was invited to visit with two of my dear friends and painting teachers, Cookie Barton (from Oregon) and Beverly Miller (from Illinois). So, I drove about an hour and 45 minutes to Peoria, IL.

(Left to right) Cookie, me, Beverly

The time flew by - it was SO GOOD to see them, to chat and catch up. I haven't picked up a brush for four years or so - for various reasons. However, these ladies inspired me to pick up the brushes again - especially Cookie. Her insight, encouragement and caring seemed to turn a light on for me. I came home, checked all my brushes, cleaned off my painting palette and prepared four tiles so I can start to paint again! Our reunion was this past Friday - and this is Monday - wo-HOO!!


  1. Oh, noooo! You were in Peoria and I was here- at home in Peoria - doing absolutely nothing. Well, even if I wasn't blessed to meet you in person, I'm pleased for your reunion with old friends and getting excited about painting again. I'll be looking forward to see what beauty appears on those tiles!

  2. The stocking is looking great! I have an idea of what is going to happen to your doll. ;)
    What a fun time you had!

  3. That shawl is amazing - so tiny and detailed! Beautiful work. Sounds like a lovely inspiring day with old friends.

  4. Great progress! The stocking will be done before you know it.

  5. Oh my goodness! That shawl is so teeny tiny and detailed!
    And the stocking is just simply gorgeous

  6. Love the stocking so cute, what a wonderful tiny shawl , all such beautiful work hugs.

  7. Hello Kim! Love your beautiful stocking... so glad the yarns arrived so that you can get it finished! Your doll is marvellous and either of the shawls will make a wonderful addition! Christine x

  8. Oh my gosh painting, I love people who are so talented, good for you bringing out your brush's again.
    Love the stocking, sometimes I fudge and use a near color if I can but on something so special it is a good idea to wait for the threads to come.
    Love your doll she will be beautiful.


  9. Wow, you've been busy! Great progress on the stocking, and I can't wait to see your painting! Those shawls you're knitting look unbelievably delicate and gorgeous :D

  10. Oh my goodness, your talent is limitless - I love everything that you do, my dear SSF.

  11. So glad that the yarn arrived so that you can finish working on that adorable stocking for your grandson.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the doll when it's finished!

    And it made me smile that you were able to meet with old friends and that it inspired you to get your paints out again.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!