Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's Been a Long Time!

WOW! Where has the time gone? I realized this morning I hadn't put up a post to my blog since before I left for AZ to visit family. It was a great time - too short - but it was great to come home, too.

Lots to tell you - but I'll simply post my latest 5.75 inch porcelain doll creation - meet Amal. Another poured and painted by Dana Burton.

Amal - 5.75 inches of Flying Fairy

More later - I promise I won't be gone long!


  1. Beautiful work Kim. Nice to have you back!

  2. She is quite lovely. So glad you are back!

  3. Oh, she's so pretty! Wonderful job :D

  4. Great to see you are back Kim! Amazing work on Amal, she is gorgeous!


    Barbara xx