Monday, September 19, 2016

#43, Mathe and September Christmas Ornament SAL

I received a note from Dima of D1-D2 blog her RAK arrived. I did the stitching on the bracelet, but had it professional finished. Apologies for the blurry picture of her needlepoint bracelet:

Needlepoint Cuff Bracelet - 18 Ct mesh, silk and metallic threads


Meet Mathe, the last of the "Romantic Royals" from Dana Burton:


The throne design...well... I must admit - it took longer to make than Mathe did. It's from several pieces of 1:12 scale furniture glued together and some jewelry findings for the back of the throne - literally wired it on, then spray painted it metallic gold. The skirt for the throne was a real challenge - had to find the right material, then the right lace to go around it. Now - for the back - had to find the right fabric and piping.....WHEW! Major undertaking, let me tell you. There was a LOT of trial and error on this prop. However, Mathe has her throne. Life is good.

Now - to the Christmas Ornament SAL hosted by our lovely Kaye. The theme for September was "Christmas Food". Here's Hattie Hedgehog with her teapot, cup and saucer:

Hattie Hedgehog - freebie from Brookes Books

Hattie is part of the Advent Animals series. Originally, she was number five, but I changed the "5" to the year, as Hattie will be going to a special little girl for Christmas this year.

OK! Now - on to my next doll and October's ornament!! Have a great week!


  1. Hattie Hedgehog is really lovely :D :D :D
    Very nice ornament kim

  2. Hattie Hedgehog is adorable. Mathe is stunning. RAK #43 is lovely. Enjoy your day, Kim!

  3. Two very cool projects! Hattie is adorable and Mathe is so full of detail for being so small.

  4. Another lovely RAK :) The throne is amazing!

  5. Kim: Wow she is positively beautiful, I would have never guessed you had spray painted the gold, it is striking, she is amazing, you are very talented.
    Love the bracelet so pretty.
    Your selection for the stitch along is sweet, I like the idea of changing the number five for the year.


  6. Mathe!! Wow!! Her hair! That is what I truly love. ;) Gorgeous work on the throne Kim. Hattie is so very precious.♥

  7. Mathe is lovely! Her hair is fantastic and that throne is amazing.. wow! Well worth the time you put into it. Also glad to hear another RAK arrived safely.

  8. That's a beautiful bracelet. Mathe and her throne are amazing - so much detail! Cute hedgehog as well.

  9. Hello Kim,

    Gosh that bracelet is stunning. Mathe looks right at home on her throne, a beautiful finish.

    Happy days.

  10. You do the most amazing work. Beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous doll and throne! Just amazing.

  12. Hi Kim, Mathe is beautiful and all her accessories are lovely !! :) I know how difficult it is to work on miniature things. You have lots of patience. Lovely gifts !! I have never tried a bracelet finish.

  13. Mathe is just so beautiful and so is the throne .
    Love the cute hedgehog and lovely bracelet WOW.

  14. Another lovely make for your latest RAK.
    Cute little hedgehog and great work on the doll.

  15. Just love all the exquisite detailing in Mathe, Kim! And the bracelet is lovely, too. Glad you are finding time, in between your wonderful RAK creating, to stitch a bit for yourself, too--the hedgehog is adorable :)

  16. Oh, Kim - I just love coming by your blog! It's so peaceful yet inspiring! I love all the beautiful things you make. I finally have my craft room done! I will, hopefully, be sharing some of my creations soon on my blog. Of course, they won't be nearly as wonderful as yours!

    Blessings - Julie

  17. Some gorgeous pieces! I love that bracelet. And Mathe is lovely! :D

  18. Another lovely RAK and a scissor case kit which looks very much like the one Nicola gave me for my Birthday!
    Your latest lady looks so much happier with her hair and her gorgeous throne too.