Sunday, January 21, 2018

Six Wives Club - Anne Boleyn Badge Cross Stitch Pattern

Last year, I offered to post cross stitch patterns of the badges of each of Henry VIII's wives. Sadly, I only made it to the first one - Katherine of Aragon. HOWEVER, with the new year, comes a new badge - that of Anne Boleyn.

Badge of Anne Boleyn
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The symbolism of the falcon, tree stump and red rose (of Lancaster) and white rose (of York), crown and sceptre is deep and intriguing. Visit On the Tudor Trail for what this represents.

Anne's motto was "The most happy." She adopted the motto before her coronation.

If you are so inclined to stitch Anne Boleyn's badge, the pattern can be found here.

Happy stitching!!!


  1. This looks so great, Kim - you are so clever to have charted it. Thanks, my dear.

  2. I like the concept of the badges for each of the wives - not something I will ever attempt stitching, but can't wait to see your version!

  3. I'm sure all six badges will make up a lovely collection.

  4. Very interesting Kim , I always watch the tudors on TV , I am always amazed with how they lived there life's .
    Enjoy your day .

  5. Badges for each wife sounds interesting ! Looking forward to your stitching. Are you going to stitch it or you just like designing the chart?

  6. Such a great idea - I look forward to seeing your designs for the other badges x

  7. That sounds like a really interesting project.

  8. Wow, Kim! That’s an amazing pattern! It’s a bit of a big project for me, but I look forward to seeing other people’s versions.
    Thank you for the link to the Tudor History blog. I really enjoy reading things like this, it’s so interesting. My mother’s house backs on to Nonsuch Park, and Anne Boleyn had some connection with Nonsuch Palace. I still remember writing a composition, when I was in school, about the remains of the original Nonsuch palace ..... and something about being chased by a ghost!!
    Wish I could remember the whole tale!
    Happy stitching!
    Barbara xx

  9. Kim: This is amazing, I did not know each Queen had a different badge, amazing information, thank-you for the link.


  10. Wow! That is quite interesting (QI!). Thank you.