Friday, January 31, 2014

HO! HO! HO! It's a Christmas in July Swap!

OH. MY. GOSH.  I can't believe how excited I am to be able to host my very first swap.  Cheryl, from Gone Stitchin' is hosting a Christmas in July Swap for stitchers in Australia and New Zealand.  I contacted Cheryl, and she graciously gave me the OK to do the same here in the USA.  Same guidelines, same dates.  SOOOOO, we will be running the swaps in tandem.


Take a look at the tab at the top of my blog (Christmas in July Swap) for the details.

Let's see how many elves we can get to work on their Secret Santa Swap!  Pass the word - the more, the merrier.

OH!  I put my Big Girl Panties on and managed to figure out how to make my very own Blog Badge.  Feel free to copy the Xmas in July Swap badge to put on your blog, if you plan on participating.

~ CHEERS!! ~

P.S.  Cheryl has given me the title of  USA SWAP MAMA - HA!


  1. That is so exciting! Is it only for U.S. bloggers/swappers or is it international?

  2. P.S. How do you make a blog button?

  3. I would love to host any stitchers in the USA or other parts of the globe - but would request those who are in Australia or New Zealand to contact Cheryl at Gone Stitchin' (see her link in my Christmas in July Swap tab).
    I will do my best to connect stitchers in the same country (to hep with postage expense, etc.). I am SOOOOOOOO excited about this opportunity to connect people together.
    Friends are forever.

  4. Hi USA Swap Mama ,
    as I do like swaps, please count me in this.
    I am willing to post international and I am so looking forward to this swap.I am also very excited .
    Who will be my partner?
    Hoping that you are well

  5. Good luck with your first swap hosting! :)