Monday, January 6, 2014

No Idle Hands Here!

It's been so bitterly cold here, I've gone on a Netflix Binge and snuggled up with some projects I've been itching to get to.

I went nutty and beaded nine  scissor fobs:
The four on the left are made using some of my stash of Swarovski crystals.  If you look closely at the purple butterfly fob, you can see tiny butterfly-shaped crystals on both ends.  The fourth from the left is made with Swarovski crystals and the heart on the end is Russian enamel.  These were SO MUCH FUN to make……..hmmmmm - is there a GIVE AWAY in the future?  Let me know what you think ;)

Always up for an adventure, I completed "HARK!" by Erica Michaels on 40 count silk gauze.  It measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches - 3 inches square with the frame.

I FINALLY finished the Flip Swaps (for my Switch Flops) from Sandy Arthur.  Now to add the final touches and attach them to my sandals.  (With the -49 wind chill temps, I think I'll keep my fuzzy slippers on for now - HA!).

Here is the last project fresh off the press - blocked and all.  Isn't is CUTE?  Fox and Hound all dressed and ready to strut their stuff.  It measures 12.5 x 10 inches.  My dilemma now is what to make it into….another pillow (I can hear Hubby groaning…..); a snappy bag to strap over my shoulder when I go to town; a cover for my Kindle; or………?????  I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on how to put this charming needlepoint piece into good use.
Stay warm - and keep stitching!!
Cheers ~


  1. Wow, you've definitely been busy! Love all you are making. I love Erica Michaels' designs and also stitching them. I like your idea of making your fox and hound into some kind of kindle holder or the like.

  2. Great fobs! I have one of those tiny silk gauze kits but haven't attempted it yet. Yours looks beautiful!

  3. Love the Erica Michael's piece. What fabulous fobs!!!

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  5. Wow Kim! Great projects. The fobs are all lovely.

  6. Great finishes! And I love the fobs. You did a really good job with them.

  7. I sure do love reading your Blog....Your Scissor Fobs are all so pretty....Congratulations on your finishes....

    What are you going to stitch on next?

    I am a Netflix freak and I have been watching lots of Shows and Movies from Netflix.

    Happy Stitching

  8. Gorgeous scissor fobs - now I hope that there is a giveaway of these in my future and that I win! lol!

  9. your fobs!!! Congrats on your finishes ~ can't wait to see those'll have the best dressed piggies. Great ideas for the fox and hound ~ I think it would make a very classy "going to town bag". Can't wait to see what you decide!