Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two Patterns to a Good Home and Pincushion Progress

While going through my stash a few days ago, I ran across two patterns from Hinzeit, complete with charms. I know I will never stitch them. They are a quick stitch. I would like to send them to someone(s) who would like to make them up.

The first one is "Mini Block Nurse".  I had always intended to make this for my mother.  (I tried to rotate the picture, but for some reason it won't behave).
The second is also from Hinzeit - again, complete with charms.

If you are interested in one - or both - please contact me.

This week I started to participate in a wonderful Tudor Tuesday SAL group on FB.  I'm starting with a Medieval pin cushion.  I got the kit eight years ago while at Winchester.  Here's my progress so far.

If you haven't already commented on the previous post and would like to be part of a Swapaway, you have until October 1st to sign up.

Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~ Cheers ~


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  2. I love the Horses one, my Sister in Law comes to mind for a gift.

  3. Either of these patterns would be lovely. The nurse one I would stitch for my pen pal and the horse one I my daughter would love. Thankyou for this chance.Happy Stitching.

  4. Love your medieval pin cushion start... Cannot wait to see it finished :)
    Your little stitch things look really different, never seen anything quite like them... It took me a moment actually working out what they say! Then I realized the letters are staggered! Doh!
    They are lovely, I will pass if that is ok... I am sure there are more worthy people that really want them :). But they were fun to look at :)
    Happy stitching
    Smiles :)

  5. Progress on the pin cushion looks very nice, look forward to seeing the final results.

  6. Great star to on your pincushion. But don 't count me in for the patterns, I am pretty busy with lots of other things as you know. Lol!

  7. Love the medieval look, fabulous

  8. Your Tudor pn cushion looks great hugs.

  9. I love the sweet pin cushion stitch so much..
    Hugs xx

  10. Great start on the pin cushion! Looking forward to seeing it finish :)

  11. Your Medieval pincushion will be so pretty, Kim--lovely colors!

  12. Love your pin cushion Kim. I would be interested in the horse chart.


  13. Hello Kim,

    Love the Medieval stitching you are working on. I would love to be in the draw for the Horse cross stitch, my niece loves horses and owns two of them. Have a lovely weekend.

    Happy days.

  14. That's a great start to the pincushion! :D