Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Exchange - Warning! LOTS of Pictures

I received my Halloween Ornament Exchange package from the lovely Anna. Anna doesn't have a blog, so I will show you what she sent me and what I sent her.

A little story about the FIRST ANNUAL Halloween Exchange.  Many exchanges require stitchers to have a blog.  Anna and I have "known" each other through my blog for over a year.  She was so disappointed she couldn't participate in an exchange.  I offered to exchange with her…..and the idea came to me - why not invite EVERYONE?  As Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know the REST of the story."

Anna sent me such LOVELY things!!  Anna - thank you, THANK YOU - I am completely and utterly blown away with the care and effort you put into my package.

 First, the goodies came wrapped in this delightful black netting, adorned with metallic silver and gold spiders and cobwebs. I literally gasped when I pulled this out of the box.

 Here is the card Anna made for me - it's cloth…..Anna - I've GOT to find out how you did this!  Here's the front:
 Here's the postage "stamp":
 Here's the note from Anna on the back (I covered our addresses).  It's decorated with a sparkly cat in the lower right hand corner and a shiny bat in the center.  She made me a gift tag and sent some spooky spiders.
 Here are some balloons and fall leaves:

 OOPS - I should have put these first:  Here are the gifts wrapped up - isn't the packaging creative?

 A collapsable shopping bag:
 A WONDERFUL ornament with cats on the tips of the ribbon and a black rose in the center of the bow (Hard to see black on black):
 And here's the fabric gift tag attached to the back - again - Anna - how did you do this?!
 She included a cat key ring - the eyes light up and it meows when you press a button on the back (what a hoot!  I love it!).
 A pin I can wear to celebrate Halloween:
The cutest pair of cat scissors with two scissor fobs (I LOVE scissor fobs - it's like jewelry for scissors;0).
If you look closely, the black and white ones have little skulls  - the one at the top has a pumpkin charm on the end and my name is spelled out in beads.

And if all this isn't something - a HUGE bag FULL OF CHOCOLATES!!!!
I am over the moon with all the goodies.  Again, thank you SO VERY MUCH, Anna!!

Here's what I sent to Anna - it pales in comparison:
Halloween ornament from "Just Cross Stitch" Halloween Ornament Magazine:

A "Magic Potion" rug mug:
I used a tea cup block pattern from The Sewing Chick.

Here's a biscornu (freebie) from Kincavel Krosses:
I also sent a Victoria scissor fob, some socks that look like pumpkins, and a Halloween cross stitch pattern (I forgot to get pictures of these).

Remember - there's a Linky Party October 18th (See the link at the top of main page) for the links so everyone can see what every Gorgeous Ghoul received.

I'm going to have some chocolates!!!

Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~ Cheers ~


  1. Wow! Kim, Anna has spoilt you rotten (although well deserved, I say). She is very talented, isn't she? Everything is so gorgeous.

  2. Brilliant Halloween gifts :) Love them all :)
    Your biscornu is great :)
    smiles :)

  3. What fabulous gifts you both sent. x

  4. Lovely exchange gifts Kim.


  5. Hello Kim,

    I don't know if I could handle opening that bag that Anna put the gifts in, it just looks far too real. A lovely variety of gifts given.

    Happy days.

  6. Great gifts!! I'll be posting to the linky party by the 18th. The exchange was fun!

  7. All of the gifts are darling......

  8. Hi Kim ,Anna makes the most amazing things love all the gifts you both came up with,enjoy your goodies.xx

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  10. Kim what a wonderful exchange by you both , lovely stitching and some lovely gifts , hugs.

  11. Oh wow Kim - what lovely gifties given and received!! A pity Anna doesn't have a blog - she is so creative!

  12. Wow! What a wonderful exchange :) Love everything sent & received!

  13. What an exchange!! Anna spoilt you and you spoilt her, all these wonderful stitched and handmade gifts and goodies. Enjoy everything you received.

  14. Beautiful exchange! Love the pieces you sent and received :D Enjoy your goodies!

  15. What a fabulous exchange! I love all of the goodies. I just adore fabric postcards, and the one Anna sent is fantastic!

  16. Lovely bunch of goodies sent and received!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Such a wonderful exchange on both sides--so glad it worked out so well :)