Monday, October 6, 2014

The Traveling Treasure Chest goes to…..

Teresa S from At Willow Tree Pond.  I've sent a note to Teresa - the Traveling Treasure Chest will embark to its first destination today.  I can hardly wait to see what Teresa chooses!

Shiver me Timbers!  Yo! Ho! Ho!
Fifteen Lady Pirates are partaking of this marvelous journey.  A huge THANK YOU to all for your participation.

Until the next post - Keep yourself surrounded by stitches.


  1. So so so exciting!!! Can we speed up the postie? :D

  2. Can't wait to see what Teresa picks from the dead chart chest. Yo Ho Ho!

  3. ooooh how exciting! Yo ho ho!
    smiles :)

  4. I'm sure Teresa will enjoy her mail. :)

  5. Lucky Teresa to go first! I am guessing that she then sends to the next person on the list? hugs from Suzy "Scurvy Sailor" Gummo
    "The Madness of Zombie Retreat!"
    This pirate be madder than a sailor on sea water!