Sunday, January 3, 2016

Abeille - Steampunk Queen and Smalls SAL

Here's my Smalls December SAL (hosted by Heather) project - mini needlepoint slippers:

I made them from a kit by Joy Perkins at Now to 'finish' finish them.

Just finished Abeille. She's 5 inches high, seated on a trunk. She has definitely been my greatest challenge so far.  Poured and painted by Dana Burton of Miniature Art, dressed and wigged by me.

I upholstered the trunk, then went about putting her skirt on and gluing her to the trunk. Then did embellishments on her skirt and corset. Put together her arms, added sleeves and the 'puffs'. Next was the wigging.

OH. MY. GOSH. Applying and styling her hair was such an interesting process to go through with her already glued to the trunk. I had a bit of a rough time getting the glue on her head 'just right' so I could apply the viscose (hair). The trunk lid was in just the wrong spot. Anyway, worked through that she turned out fine.

Lastly, I made the top hat out of FIMO clay. It took a few runs at that before I finally made one that was the right proportions. Glued it on her head and - voila!

Abeille - seated, 5 inches high

This will be my last doll for awhile, as I've run out.  I'm not stopping - this is just too much fun. Off to stitch!


  1. Another lovely lady....and those slippers!

  2. Love her! I can't believe how much detail she has for such a petite lady.

  3. Oh wow..that is just stunning. Gorgeous

  4. Hello Kim,

    She has got style, can you imagine having a waistline like that!

    Happy days.

  5. Wow, she looks great! Amazing job, Kim :D

  6. Wow, Kim I loooooove this doll, how cute is she! I love everything about her, she is stunning!
    Congratulations Kim on such a delightful finish.