Monday, January 25, 2016

"What the HECK Have I Been Doing Lately?!?"

Yesterday, as I sat watching the Iowa Hawkeye Basketball game (GO, HAWKS!!), followed by the Denver/New England football game (GO BRONCOS! GO PEYTON!), followed by the Carolina/Arizona football game....I asked myself

It seemed like I hadn't accomplished anything. Then it hit me. I HAD been busy - and accomplished quite a bit. Here's the rundown:

1. I received a wonderful SURPRISE package form my sweet friend, Angela of "Wish I Were Stitching". It came all the way from Singapore! Here's what Angela sent:

One of the cutest Christmas cards and some yummy recipes:

A pair of scissors and some needles (Angela - I needed BOTH!)

And the neatest magazine from the UK chock full of great projects and patterns.

Thank you, Angela, for thinking of me and sending these lovelies.

2. Next, I went out to lunch THREE different days to meet three different friends (I rarely go out to lunch). Oh my, what fun catching up with everyone!!

3. I volunteered three different days to help support a local nursing home.

4. I attended a meeting for one of the organizations I belong to.

5. I started a new doll - Consuelo. OK, ladies - this may give you a giggle or two....I spent an entire afternoon playing with Sculpty clay trying to make high heels for her. After four hours (GASP!) of trial and error, here they are, baked to her feet, painted and embellished. TA-DA!!

I know, I know. You're thinking to yourself, "This took her four hours? Is she crazy?" Admittedly, those thoughts crossed my mind, too. And I would say the answer is "Yes" to both questions <G>

Here's Consuelo so far. The metallic trim is really, REALLY difficult to work with. Next, I'll embellish the lacy trim. Lastly will be the wigging and styling her hair.

6.  I've been working away at the Christmas stocking. I was really hitting it hard, as in spending hours and hours in one day working on it, but I found I needed to back off a bit. The joint in my right thumb was begging for a rest.

Managed to finish all the red robe and the mint green diamonds and the mint greens on her vest. Got a good start on the dark green on her robe.

7. Here's a petit point pillow called "The Falcon" that's finished:

8. Last, but not least, I booked my trip to visit my Captain Adorable, daughter and SIL in sunny Singapore!! AUGH! I'm so excited! I leave the end of March and will stay for three weeks. DH is staying home to look after the farm and the dogs. I can't believe I'll be traveling to the other side of the planet....all by myself. Talk about a brave, new me!

So......I guess I HAVE been busy. OH! I have one more thing - February is my third blogiversary. I decided I'm going to have a giveaway each week. Each week I'll select a name and send the winner(s) something I truly cherish or has given me inspiration. Stay tuned!


  1. It sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy. Good for you! Your trip to Singapore will be here before you know it.

  2. That will be a fun trip!I am sure you are absolutely looking forward to it!Enjoy!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Consuela's shoes look awesome and I can totally see why they took four hours - mine would still look like blocks or rolled out snakes! A trip to Singapore to see your sweet GS, how FUN!!!

  4. Wow! You have been busy!! I adore everything you do and admire your patience! I am pleased I pop in here, you make me smile...thank you :)
    Smiles :) xx

  5. You certainly have been busy! Your stitching is gorgeous, as always, and Consuelo is going to be beautiful. I must admit that I also can spend a lot of time getting something "just so", so I completely understand taking 4 hours to create her shoes. As for your trip, kudos to you. I'm sure you'll do fine and it will be so worth finding your brave self.

  6. You have been busy Kim. The doll and stocking look great. Sounds like a great trip.


  7. You certainly have been busy! Love your new bald lady and the needlepoint stocking is wonderful.
    Have an amazing time in Singapore. Do you think you'll call in on Angela? She has a shop there I believe.
    Also, please visit The Tiger Balm Gardens and take photos for me!

  8. Your grandson is so precious! And so big now! What a trip that will be. Very exciting.

  9. Hi Kim how awesome to be seeing your family and how exciting Singapore.
    Oh my friend your workmanship is amazing,well done xx

  10. Oh Kim, how exciting that you will be travelling to Singapore to visit with your family. As you know, I am a firm believer in travelling! Is it your first time to Singapore? And yes, you have been very busy! Consuela is looking very pretty so far. hugs, Kaye SSF

  11. What a wonderful adventure! Plenty of crafting time on the flights too...
    I love the petit point pillow, haven't seen anything like this for a long time!

  12. Whew! You have been busy! (You forgot to add shopping to your list!) Made me tired to hear it all! I have not been so productive, but looking forward to starting art classes this week! Whoo-hoo!

  13. Shout grandson is do sweet..
    What a fun adventure my dear...big hugs X

  14. Your grandson is so sweet...kisses
    What a fun adventure...big hugs xx

  15. Oh my Kim.....I think it's agreed that you most definitely have been busy!!
    I'm loving this new doll....four hours? Yikes! But then considering the attention you pay to detail and the size of these itty bitties I can well understand the length of time!
    Oh me oh my.....Singapore! And what a wonderful reason to visit:) He is an adorable cutie pie!

  16. Such beautiful finishes and have a wonderful trip to visit your cutie pie.

  17. You certainly have been busy...well done on all those things. How exciting for you to have such a wonderful trip. Such a handsome grandson too!

  18. You've been incredibly busy! All the wonderful ladies you've finished, all the stitching you've done... Beautiful work, Kim! :D

  19. Such beautiful work and all the other stuff you did? I would say you are no slouch! Consuela is looking gorgeous already, even without her hair. Four hours doesn't seem so long to make those perfect shoes.

    Have a great trip!

  20. You have been busy and accomplished a lot! I love seeing what you have been up to. :) And, I am so excited for your upcoming trip. How exciting!

  21. Kim: You have been very busy for sure, and a trip so far away wow lucky Lady, love the shoes you made and she is beautiful.
    I did repined to Pinterest all your projects.
    Captain Adorable is truly adorable.


  22. Beautiful petit point pillow and gorgeous thoughtful gifts. Exciting journey just around the corner, lucky you!

  23. Glad all the package reached you safe and can't wait to see you in Singapore.. counting down and before you know it is March already. ;)