Sunday, January 29, 2017

Where Does the Time Go??

Greetings! I can't believe it's the end of January already! I've been busy - and not blogging much these days. Things are really going to jump into warp speed.....I volunteered to be project manager for an international miniature doll convention in July of 2018. It will be held in Green Bay, my hours of stitching and sculpting will be a little light these coming months. Ah, but it's been a blast working with all the talented ladies and I'm SOOOOOOO looking forward to meeting them in person next year!

I received two lovely surprises in the mail some time ago. Apologies to both sweet ladies for my tardiness. After I show you my gifts, I'll find my Emily Post book on manners and shamefully shuffle off into a corner to refresh my memory <g>.....

Dzintra sent me a lovely note and included a bookmark kit - THANK YOU, DZINTRA!! I'm looking forward to quietly stitching this up and will definitely use it, as I love, LOVE to read.....

Lynda-Ruth sent me these gifts for my birthday. She spoiled me so - I feel like a Princess!!!

Two lovely ornaments - can you see the tiny blue bird and snow flake buttons?? 

Yummy lavender soap

Potholders and polished stones - look at the wonderful wire wrapping Lynda-Ruth did! Isn't the necklace beautiful??

And lots of TEA! Made my cold, gray days warm and cozy.....yes, they've been consumed.....

THANK YOU, LYNDA-RUTH! Your kindness is so appreciated. Again - apologies for taking so long to post.

OK - now - off to attempt to get a stitching project done for a swap I'm in.....and maybe even play with clay....or maybe I'll watch a movie and put in a plea for DH to start a fire in the fireplace.....decisions, decisions.....

HUGS to you all!!!


  1. Kim, what lovely goodies you have received. I love the reindeer card featured in the first picture. Look forward to hearing more about your volunteer job and miniature doll convention. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi dear SSF, good to "talk" to you again. Lovely gifts that you have received - those ornies are so very sweet - and so very well deserved. Enjoy your tea, your stitching and your fire - keep warm! xxx

  3. Nice presents to receive in the mail - SOOO much better than flyers and bills!! A miniature doll convention sounds like such fun....wish I lived closer so I could go.

  4. What lovely gifts! Stitchy friends really are the best. That convention sounds right up your alley, but you will definitely be busy. Enjoy!

  5. What beautiful gifts you received. And wow your new job sounds exciting!

  6. Lovely gifts, Kim :)Good luck for your miniature doll convention!

  7. Lovely gift! Don't you just love those big bars of soap?

  8. What sweet gifts you received, the ornaments are just precious.
    I can't wait to see pictures of the dolls!

  9. You have been spoiled with lovely gifts :)

  10. Good to hear from you, and it's okay to be absent a little bit after such a big blogging adventure last year. :)

  11. Such sweet gifts! Have fun with the miniature doll convention.