Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What a Surprise!

I'm so very blessed to know so many kind and caring people. I met Shelly Hawley Yan on the MSAT Mini doll list. Basically, it's a group of like-minded women who love miniatures and creating miniature dolls, room boxes - anything miniature. Shelly and I have a lot in common besides miniatures - animals, music, needlework and more. She is a gorgeous artist and lovely person.

In Monday's mail I received a box from Shelly. Look what she created for me:

Missy and Sally (Best Friends for almost 15 years)  and Sweet Holly (who passed away at 5 years from congestive heart failure)

Emma and Bella (our current furry friends)

Me hugging sweet Holly 

Lovely Lilacs (I love the scent...we have a bush outside our back window)

An Artist Trading Card - reminding me of Toby, my one-in-a-million horse of my in greener pastures

An Artist Trading Card - Just for Me!

Shelly also included five other ATCs, which I will share in a future post.

I have to say, I was totally overwhelmed when I unwrapped these tiny all brought me to tears and touched my heart. Please stop by Shelly's website On Dragon Wings Studio and browse through her works. She even offers some free needlework patterns!



  1. What beautiful gifts from Shelly! I suspect the sketches of your sweet fur babies may be your favorites (though who can really choose when they're all so perfectly done), but I'm partial to your trading card. Her attention to your eyes and smile really show your love of life.

  2. What sweet frames love the tiny painting.

  3. What fabulous goodies you received, Kim! They are awesome.

  4. Oh wow! These are just amazing and precious! I can see how you were moved to tears.♥

  5. Oh, Kim, they are all so gorgeous, you must have been so thrilled. How lovely to have made such a great friend in the miniatures world.

  6. No wonder you cried! I've always been fascinated by miniatures but have resisted becoming a collector. I did a Santa's Workshop themed dollhouse once and had the shell for a Georgian mansion that I didn't get to work on before we downsized and I no longer had room. Still harbour a quiet hope for a chance to make another dollhouse.

  7. Love the tiny frames! It is always nice to meet friends pursuing similar hobbies. I love variety of needlework crafts so I have got so many friends.

  8. Sweet gifts from your friend! I especially love the ATC card of you!
    Such very thoughtful gifts! Your friend is certainly very talented!
    Barbara x

  9. Dearest Kim: What a wonderful post, I have always believed that the Blogging world is a very generous world, this post proves it.
    I looked at her Blog, I am going to sign up to follow her.
    Her work is amazing, beautiful, lovey amazing.
    She is very talented, I like them all but the Artist Trading Card wow.


  10. They are GoRGeOuS... so I know why you love them so... xox

  11. These are so sweet! That is such a lovely gift. Enjoy! :D

  12. Are those paintings? They're so tiny! What fabulous gifts.

  13. Oh Kim, what a beautiful and precious post! Your dear friend created such beautiful paintings and I LOVE the one of you hugging Holly. Thank you for sharing these works of beauty with us.

    Thinking of you, dear one. Hugs!

  14. What beautiful treasures you received! They truly are stunning, so very precious!

  15. What amazing artwork. I love the portrait of you and your little dog the most.
    I visited her website and love the work she does. And her charts are available as PDFs so no postage!

  16. What beautiful gifts. Those little paintings are amazing.