Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Showers - Freebie

It's been raining and raining and raining.  Granted, we need all we can get (within reason) to get us out of the drought we experienced last year.  However, it's cramping our style.  Bella is driving us crazy because she can't get out and run, hubby is itching to get the garden started and work on outside projects.  So, what can we do when we can't get outside?

Strip wallpaper.  Paint the kitchen, hallways, sun room and family room.  Yes, it's SPRING.  Things are a mess, so glad I didn't Spring Clean yet.

Bella does NOT like the rain.  When we take her out to her dog run to do her duty, we have to literally push her out the door.  Poor thing hates to get wet.  First, Bella looks surprised she's getting wet.  When she comes back in, it's pathetic  - her head is down and she mopes her way to the door to the house looking like we've ignored her for days.

Watching Bella shake off the rain, I thought, "She needs a rain hat." So here's Bella Dog April Showers:
Click on this link to download the free chart.  Side note:  I stitched beads at the bottom of the backstitched rain drops for some added dimension.
 Bella Dog April Showers Free Chart

Here it is all finished.  It hangs on my curio cabinet in my office.

Happy stitching - until next week - Cheers!

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