Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring.....

Yes, it's still raining here.  Flash floods, roads closed - a good day to stay home and stitch.

Feeling a bit dreary and a bit down.  It's taken me many weeks to be able to write about the passing of our oldest Miniature Schnauzer, Missy.  We lost Missy less than two weeks after Sally Bear.

Missy was the matriarch of the group.  The Queen Bee and she knew it.  Her mission in life was to protect us at all costs.  Each evening after dinner would find Missy at the sliding door in my office or on the chair in our sun room, making sure we wouldn't be deer, wild turkeys, stray farm cats, birds, squirrels......yes, anything that moved.  She was My Girl, always laying at my feet so she would know if I moved to another room or was off on an adventure.  Missy loved to sing for her biscuits (though I'd have to make sure Hubby was out of the house for the serenade ;)).

Missy, we miss you!  Tears still well in my eyes when I think of you.  Maybe, someday, I will be able to remember you with a smile on my face - but there will always be tears in my heart.

Here are the latest finishes (i.e., STUFF).    I posted "Be Joyful in Hope" (Little House Needleworks)) earlier in my blog when I'd completed the stitching but before it was finished-finished.   I decided to make it into a standup - my first.

At long last, the baby door hangs in an earlier post are ready to warn visitors and family when babies are asleep.  Took me awhile to get these done, but was slowed down because I needed the time to  learn how to use a new sewing machine.

Wishing you the best - Cheers!


  1. So sorry Kim. I know just how you feel. Our Mac died a year and a half ago. Then 10 mos. later Maggie died. Hard stuff for the heart.

    Your finishes are very sweet. Good job!

  2. So sorry that Missy passed away. Our four-legged companions give us so much and ask for so little. You'll smile again; your memories mean too much not to!

    Your finishes are lovely!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Missy, but it really will get easier eventually and you will remember all those silly funny quirks she had. Hugs for you xxx

  4. So sorry for your loss!

    Beautiful stitching!

    Hugs and prayers

  5. Another design I must stitch! Little House Needleworks is one of my favourite designers and these colours would work perfectly in my bedroom.