Monday, July 7, 2014

By Golly, I Did it!!

I love to make things for others.  I feel when I give someone something I've made with my hands, I give them part of me - and my heart.

With the baby shower looming in the not-too-distant future, I started thinking about what I could do to make the day extra special.  Not only for my daughter and husband, but for those who'll be our guests. Whatever it was, needed to be something they could take and re-use - not something they would just throw away.


A gift bag!  Not just any gift bag, but a nice, lined bag.  Something classy and tasteful.  I set out to find a pattern I could handle.  And, thanks to dear Jacquie pointing me to "Sweet Sentiment" a book by The Bird House, I found the perfect pattern.  I couldn't resist a tea theme ;0)
 And here's the inside:
And the bag, again, nestled with my tea needlepoint pillows:

Now the fun begins!!  Off to the fabric store to get material to make 25 gift bags for the shower.  Hmmmmm…….think I'll be friends with my sewing machine by the time I'm done?  (Hope so).

Grabbing my purse and coupons - off I go!  ~ Cheers ~

~ Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~


  1. Pleased you found the Sweet Sentiments pretty... I did! :) Oooh and I helped you :)
    Your lined bag is lovely.. very professional.. and you have more to make.. yes you and your sewing machine will become one! Happy stitching!!! :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Your guests are going to be lucky ladies indeed! And I love your tea collection.

  3. What a great idea And the fabric is adorable!

  4. It's truly so sweet my dear
    Big hugs x

  5. Lovely! I hope you find the perfect fabric. Have fun.

  6. I knew you would come up with something fantastic!! The first one looks perfect!!! Have fun :)

  7. Perfect! You'll be an expert by the time you finish them all.

  8. It's lovely! I'm sure your guests will enjoy having such a great bag :D Have fun with the sewing machine!

  9. What a special gift! And by the time you sew 25 more of them, you'll be able to make them in your sleep!!

  10. Great bag Kim. Wish I was a guest.


  11. What a lovely bag and delightful gift. Gosh, but how about making 25! Wonder if you will buy the same fabric for all the bags or maybe the same design in different colours.

  12. What a wonderful idea akin...I'm sure the guests will lovee the bags!