Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gifts from Friends and Baby Shower Guest Gift Ideas

All my friends know I stitch and how much I love it.  Two of my friends were at estate sales and found these for me -
The standing bag is fill of vintage threads for punch needle.  Not quite sure what to do with all of them (I've used floss for punch needle before) - but - WOW!!  What a surprise.  They are the best.

My best friend from junior high and high school and I are co-hostessing my daughter's baby shower in August.  There will be 20-25 guests.  All women (except for the father-to-be).  I had the brilliant idea to make something for each guest to take home as a momento of the event.  But there I stopped.  Ideas?  My first thought was a cloth gift bag - filled with "It's a BOY!" mints, etc.  Just a thought - any ideas or suggestions from anyone?  I'm open for any and all ideas.  I need to decide by the end of next week what I'm going to do so I can get the needles/sewing machine/ glue gun/ whatever going.

A huge THANK YOU for any ideas you can share.

In the mean time - Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~ Cheers ~


  1. Lovely finds from your friends. Wow! I like your idea of what to make for the shower gifts. I think M&Ms has a site where you can print something personal on a bunch of M&Ms. My friend did that at her son's graduation party.

  2. Super sweet gifts :)
    Just like you x

  3. Great gifts! Baby showers are not really a done thing here, although I have heard of them. I have therefore no suggestions... But I am sure you will come up with a beautiful idea :)

  4. What a thoughtful gift! I hope someone gives you great ideas!

  5. Wow they are great finds from the Estate sale, Kim!
    As for the Shower - a friend of mine just did one for her daughter, with lots of inspiration drawn from Instagram. One idea she used was to give each person a disposable nappy or 3, & get them to write a funny thing or a parenting tip or some such on the back of it with a marker.
    I just googled "baby shower craft ideas" & found heaps of great ideas... Good luck!!

  6. Great gifts! I'm sorry, I'm totally clueless as to anything cool that you could make for the baby shower guests : (