Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tudor News, Jenny's Gracious Gifts

I've finished the first of my Catherine Parr needlepoint canvases. The stitched piece measures 4.5x6.75 inches.

I'm trying to decide how to finish her - a small cushion, a pillow, a bag? Hmmmmm……

I shared with you a few posts ago I joined the Tudor Society.  I've read every magazine - jam packed with history and background on people and places.  Absolutely enthralling.  I received the magnet set
with Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I and two of Elizabeth I.  The set wouldn't be complete without the Tudor Rose!
I also received a T-shirt.  Once the weather warms, I'll be sporting it around. (Side note: Both images courtesy of the Tudor Society).  OH!  And I was lucky to also be gifted with a book, "The Fall of Anny Boylen", by Claire Ridgeway.

Jenny of ELEFANTZ is having a generous 7 Days of Free Gifts.  Check it out here.
Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~ Cheers ~


  1. I must say I am totally fascinated by your Tudor stitches.. they are brilliant. And I love the things you post about in connection to them too :) Wonderful t-shirt :)
    I am sure your Tudor stitch will look amazing how ever you choose to finish it :)
    Wonderful ... I will go take a peek at the link :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Your Tudor lady is looking so lovely. A very nice finish

  3. She is so lovely Kim. I am continue on with my needlepoint adventure.

  4. Nice finish. I am very near to finishing a portrait of Elizabeth I and really need to just work on it! Aren't the Tudors an interesting bunch?

  5. Wonderful stitching.

  6. Your Stitchery is divine. You are so talented

  7. That's so fantastic. Love the finish, love your gifties from the Tudor Society. Love Tudor history!

  8. Beautiful stitching! Lovely goodies from the Tudor Society. Enjoy! :D

  9. lovely stitching Kim, I love watching the TV about our Kings and Qeens always learning new things about them .

  10. What a fascinating interest, Kim! Must confess I have no Tudor knowledge at all.
    Your stitching is so neat & lovely... I'm sure you'll finish it up into something amazing