Thursday, December 11, 2014

iStitch Sew Advent SAL Day 11, Coasters and a Christmas Painting

Here we are - Day 11 of the Sew Advent SAL - snow flake and some hearts - I LOVE how this is coming along….

At the luncheon last Friday, we were to bring gifts wrapped, no name on who it was from.  Once you opened the gift, we were to guess who gave the gift.  If you were correct, you won a prize.  Mine was a delightful wine glass coaster.  You set your wine glass inside.  I was intrigued and  set out to make some myself.  TA-DA!!

LEFT: Back of coaster  RIGHT: top of coaster

I found a FREE pattern on Craftsy and used scrap material I had on hand.  My daughter likes them (which is a great review in my book ;0)).  They were quick, easy and make wonderful gifts, don't you think?

The Christmas before my mother became so ill, I was still painting on porcelain.  I love Christmas and horses and dogs and…..well, I digress.  I received a Christmas card with a colt on the front and he looked so cute and GUILTY, I had to paint it.  I thought it might bring you a chuckle as it does me every time I look at it.
4x3.5 inches

Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~ Cheers ~


  1. You are a fantastic artist Kim. The horse is beautiful.


  2. Loving your SAL.. such cute holly and hearts :) It really is looking lovely :)
    Oooh now those wine coasters are an interesting invention! My I could of done with those many many wine drinking years ago! They are awesome! Great prize :)
    Oh I adore your painting, your very very talented... its lovely and yes I can see why it makes you too! :)
    Smiles :)

  3. The Sew Advent SAL piece is looking lovely. I also like the idea of the coaster - pretty fabric

  4. Oh my your painting is beautiful! Your Holly sampler keeps looking prettier and prettier. Lovely coasters.
    love Annette

  5. Your stitching looks wonderful! And I love the idea of those coasters - you finished them off perfectly :D

  6. What neat coasters! Good for you. ;)
    Love your colt!

  7. I am SO impressed with your painting, Kim--love the horse's eyes...

    Enjoy those pretty coasters--what a great idea :)

  8. Your painting is just fabulous, you are so talented :)
    Lovely progress on the SAL!