Thursday, August 6, 2015

Merci! What I Learned

Merci! Oh my! The second doll I dressed and wigged was more advanced than I thought she would be. Good thing I started with Milly, The Good Witch, first.  Dana,, provided excellent guidance in Merci's tutorial - I simply need to make more of these itty-bitties to get experience.

Things Merci Taught Me

1. Number the pages of the tutorial when I print it out. Will save a lot of panic later on when I realize I missed an entire page (front and back) and desperately try to remove material that's been glued and almost completely dry.

2. Super glue can glue your fingers to anything in the blink of an eye. Note to self: Keep solvent handy.

3. Toothpicks from Cracker Barrel are my friend.

4. Dry cuticles snag on the dolls hair = frustration and frizzes.

I tried so hard to make her look like Dana's, but came to the realization it was beyond what I could hope to accomplish on my second go at wigging. So, I calmed myself down and made her MY "Merci". I'm pleased with the outcome.

Red shoes with teeny-tiny beads as buttons, faux fur around the top of her boots:

Merci with her skirts and train draped - I was amazed she stood on her own, no doll stand required!

Merci with her arms and sleeves attached:

Merci all dressed - notice the tiny white and gold beads glued to the sleeves and bottom of dress:

This gives you an idea of the size of the beads:

I braided fine gold wire and added ruby Swarovski cabochons to her crown:

Side view:

Close up of crown:

 Can you see the small bun I made for the top of her head inside the crown?

Here's Dana's "Merci":

Now - on to my next adventure! It's all picked out ~ stay tuned!!


  1. She's so beautiful! Well done :-)

  2. Oh wow! So much work put into her. Lovely.

  3. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Kim.


  4. She is gorgeous!Congratulations!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Hi Kim,wow and double wow she is amazing,you sure have a talent for making these Kim,well done xx

  6. Well done Kim, she looks lovely :)

  7. Another lovely doll! You're doing great with this new hobby.

  8. How lovely, Kim! I can't imagine working with something so small! And just think how easy your next doll will be after getting all this experience :)

  9. She's very pretty, Kim! Your enjoyment of doll making shines through ")

  10. She's lovely! Her neckline is slightly more daring than the model photo but her hair is gorgeous.

  11. Oh, my goodness, Kim - YOU ARE SO TALENTED!

  12. WOW, that's incredible! I think she looks amazing. Great job! :D

  13. Beautiful work, she is just gorgeous.

  14. You're gonna have an army of dolls at this rate! I'd go nuts messing with beads that tiny.