Saturday, March 1, 2014

Emma Update and First Selfie

Our little Emma is healing nicely.  The vet removed her hot pink bandage this past week and stitches will come out Tuesday (YEAH!). The stitches and surgery doesn't seem to bother her, she wants SO BADLY to play and run and jump and……but I'm the Evil Mother who watches over her and puts the cabash  to her potential fun.

She has a "custom hair cut" which leaves no hair to keep her warm. She's always been a bit on the cool side, easily chilled, and the lack of hair isn't helping her thermometer.
She has become more of a lap puppy, snuggling in her faux mink Cuddle Cup to stay warm.

I snapped my first selfie on my iPhone and sent it to my daughter.  She couldn't believe I knew what a "selfie" was.  SHEESH.  

OK - back to my stitching projects.  Until next time, keep yourself surrounded in stitches.


  1. Awww, poor thing. Not the best time of year to be shaved. Brrrr! Love your selfie!! You did a great job!

  2. hahaha! ;) Good for you! Good for Emma. Mabel had the same odd hair cut of course. It looks like the style of the poodles from the 1800's. At least that is what came to my mind. ;)

  3. I'm so glad that Emma is healing well! Very cute selfie! My son was surprised when I sent him an email a couple weeks ago that I knew that "lol" was ... lol!

  4. It's good news to hear Emma is doing so well. The vets are sure good at "custom cuts"! When my little Snickers had eye surgery, they shaved only half of her head. Since she had long hair, she was pretty pitiful looking. I was surprised when my 72 year old mom sent her first text message to me recently -- and it was her telling me she was going to visit her friend, lol.

  5. So glad that Emma is well and that the stitches are coming soon! Hopefully her fur will grow back quickly. Great selfie!!!

  6. Glad she is doing well!! Love the selfie!!