Friday, March 28, 2014

Knitted Baby Blanket for Someone Special And Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop!

I finally finished a baby blanket for a very special couple expecting their first baby.  It was shipped off as a surprise and it arrived - along with a musical stuffed turtle that plays "It's a Small World After All".  I was so excited sending off the blanket, I forgot to snap a picture of the turtle.  (rats - its was CUTE ;)

I'm also participating in an Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.  Click on the Bunny on my side bar to sign up and join the fun or on the link here - it's hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.

Keep yourself surrounded by stitches ~ Cheers ~


  1. Such a beautiful little blanket! And that's a gorgeous color. I'm sure they love it :D

  2. Goodness your baby blanket is beautiful :)
    Oooh an Easter Treasure Hunt... I will go take a look ! Thank you, sending smiles for your weekend :)

  3. The baby blanket is gorgeous! Love the color!

  4. The baby blanket is so sweet. Love the light colour, baby will be nice and comfy!

  5. That is a beeyooteefull blanket!!